No Jointer? No problem! Do you Even Need One? | Woodworking Tip

How to edge joint and face joint boards without a jointer using a simple sled.
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Adhesive Sandpaper:
T-track Clamps:
Dovetail Clamps:
Dovetail Router Bit:
Paste Wax:
Random Orbit Sander:
3/4″ Straight Bit:
Straight Edge Clamp:
Miter Saw:
Yellow Push Block:
Dovetail Clamps:’
Dovetail Router Bit:
Miter Bar Runners:
Spring Clamps (similar):

Walnut File Cabinet Build:
Picture Framing Sled:
Dry Erase Magnetic Wall:

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20 Replies to “No Jointer? No problem! Do you Even Need One? | Woodworking Tip”

  1. Awesome! Very good video, thank you!
    The lip you built on the sled, if necessary at all, should be on the leading edge, as the rollers push forward more than the knives push back. This was a correction in fine woodworking on a similar sled they published a few years ago

  2. Dang, I would kill to have this shop! Right now I'm running off a small harbor freight portable planer and a fairly cheap table saw :/

  3. I like the idea, I was watching for a different reason, a jointer cuts slots over here and so I was a little confused when you pointed at a surface planer, it's nice to come across an idea just by chance!

  4. What are you feeling for to make sure you are getting a perfect strait cut on your clamped down piece? Like if your board is bowed pretty bad

  5. Nicely done. However at 5:33 in you show the "flat and straight" board exiting the table saw with a severe wedge shaped gap relative to your outfeed table! What gives with that? I agree with the others …… "ditch the lip" The sand paper and the roller pressure negate the need for it. Nice shop and well presented otherwise.

  6. I"m looking at a Rikon Contract table saw to get started. At the local Wood shop for $699 are they good saws?

  7. Always loved your videos and passion for making stuff! Q1: What if you don't have a table saw blade that makes a real clean cut? Q2: Could you use either of those table saw jigs to cut tapered parts (up to length of jig)? Q3: And how do you work around not having a planer, just buy pretty – surfaced lumber or find a friend with a nice, quality shop?


  8. Edge needs to be flat AND perpendicular to the board face so you must be sure your blade is set at perfect 90 degrees.

  9. A nice set of tools, some 12" vinyl and a nice stereo with record player.
    … and a no-dust shop?
    I think you've definitely earned your junior hipster badge.

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