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I dropped by my local antique store today and came away with 4 beautiful tool treasures. Four tools for . Restoring old woodworking tools,

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  1. No dad growing up and I'm just now beginning to learn how to sharpen a knife. Just found out I needed to. All these kids with no dads growing up will be the fruit of selfish generations past. I hate it and did not give this curse to my kids.

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  3. I try and try again, wranglerstar I was gonna ask for a birthday present not for me but for my father

  4. The topics covered in this wood working book “pepe amazing plan” (Google it) ranges from wood types to tool types as well as uses. It also tells you concerning the different types of wood and how easy or hard they are to work with. If you`re still a beginner in wood working, then you will find this book very helpful.

  5. Gotcha beat on the drill Cody! I found a 2 speed breast drill at a flea market for $2.50 and in terrific shape. Just needs that grip handle.

  6. This one is for wall drilling. You had to put your shoulder in and still drill straight with the bubble level.

  7. I have been looking for one for a while. I am an electrician by trade (30 +years) but have been woodworking since I was 9 Started with my uncle who got me hooked. If you need any advice on electricity, let me know.  diver511@  the Y

  8. I bought a bow of stuff in a auction for 5 bucks and in was a bit and brace with probably 15 or 20 bits

  9. I went out op shopping for the first time yesterday and as i was sorting through the final box of tools i was able to piece together an old brace for restoration. So very keen to get started and thank you for the inspiration.

  10. Looking for a Stanley Spoke-shave 151 like your grandfather's one Cody. I want to be able to make some handles for my best friend Dan who helps me immensely as I am legally blind and he helps me so much. Sincerely, Robert Harcourt

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