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  1. Ummmm ok. I typed in. Small wood working projects to do with kids. Lol I'm not letting my kid use a table Saw! Lol I want him to do it not me!

  2. For those thinking the tools used here are expensive – NOT TRUE!
    Keep your eyes open, tell scrap haulers & guys that clean out barns, sheds, estates, etc what you're looking for & you'll be amazed.
    I have every tool used in this video and have less than 300 (yep, Three HUNDRED) dollars in all of them TOTAL.
    Maybe theyre older, not as shiney, but they work well and I am having a blast making things with them.
    Also, you can get beautiful wood from the same guys – old tables & orher furniture was often solid (not veneer) and is fantastic quality. Even old buildings, sheds, doors are great for materials.
    Nobody should think they cant do woodworking because its too expensive. Might take a while to find them, but ant tools you need for basic woodworking are out there and affordable. You can also build them, check out Matthias Wandel & orhers on YouTube – amazing stuff!

  3. That mini miter box is so cute!

    Also, do you have a video on the box you used to raise the stock when you were routing the pencil tray? I could’ve used one of those today 😁

  4. TopFineWoodworking. Com , is a very comprehensive woodworking book! It breaks every little thing down, utilizing words, drawings, real pictures, and different diagrams. It`s unbelievably informative and helps me feel like I could help my sibling while we make our furniture together.?

  5. Why do You grip stuff in such a weird way? This comment is not meant to offend you. I really enjoy your videos but always wander what is up with your grip.

  6. I just picked up that table saw yesterday from a guy on CL. It’s my first proper table saw as I am a beginner. Any tips or anything I should know for that saw specifically?

  7. Table saw(cheap) $500, drill press ~$1-200, Belt sander 0ver $100, Clamps each $12-21.
    Table vice $50+.
    This is not "beginner" stuff. Dont say easy unless its accessible to anyone with about $100 bucks for tools and materials.

  8. Thank you jack for show simple techniques to make everyday items .
    I myself have hand problems in both hands due to a muscle waisting disease.
    You have given my the push I need . Once again thank you πŸ™πŸ½

  9. Jack I want to ask you something. I'm getting older and have worked with my hands all my life. I have arthritis and the last year or so my hands are starting to curl up a lot. it looks like your dealing with the same thing. is there something going on more then just arthritis in you hands? please let me know if you know something I don't.thanks for your time

  10. A bench router is NOT a basic woodworking tool. Hammers, screwdrivers and saws are basic woodworking tools!

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