Must Have Tools To Install Cabinets | THE HANDYMAN |

Must Have Tools To Install Cabinets | THE HANDYMAN |

Red Clamps: Third hand Pole: Drill: Screw Machine: Drill Bits: Kitchen Remodel video of these tools in action
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  1. I have some of the home depot yellow extendo sticks, they even have different ends to make the poles more functional for other jobs. That handle that you grip to extend is neat though, on mine you just turn the pole and it screws up or down. Has anyone noticed you put some of the shelves in backwards so the finished side is to the inside of the cabinet? The Internet usually see everything. If not are they still like that?

  2. Great video. I've been a trim carpenter for 20 plus years an installed probably 100 sets of cabinets before I discovered the face clamps. There are truly a life an back saver. Makes lining up the cabinet styles an rails effortless. I would check into trim head screws for attaching cabinets together. The head is just about same size as the screw itself. I swear you will love the results. An they are handy for a lot of other situations. I was in trim carpentry for a long time before I discovered trim head screws also. I'm definitely not trying to be condescending because I'm still always trying to learn. An watch your videos often to learn the business side of it all. An I've learned alot. Thanks an God bless

  3. I searched YouTube for vinyl floor installation and you came up in the search. I’ve since binge watched for a week now tons of your videos. I find them entertaining and very informative. I also think you have a great personality and sense of humor. It’s funny how I try to find clues of your location in the country for no other reason other then trying to find a slip up on your Anyway, how in the hell do you keep a balanced relationship with your marriage? You seem to work a lot of late night hours and weekends.

  4. It the back panel with enough thickness to support the cabinet?

    I've seen videos where the cabinet it attached on the rail not over the back panel directly. Can you show the way, please?

    As far one the best explanation ever about Upper Cabinets installation, very nice spoken, tools y patience.

    Kind regards,


  5. I use a tool called a “studbuddy” from amazon literally the best stud finder ive found lol got it samurai carpenter he showed it and it needs no batteries, it works off of a magnet 🧲 with drywall screws and nails

  6. Good info. I like the third hands and use them often. A couple of other tips I use. I like to locate the top and bottom screws at the hinge location to hide them. I also use trim head screws to go through the face frames. McFeely's has really strong hardened screws that seldom break, even in hardwood. Proud to call myself a Handyman. Cheers!

  7. What about mix and matching kitchen installation systems/accessories(?). A hang rail makes above cabinet installation pretty easy. I have seen binding posts used to marry cabinets together in the top most or bottom most shelf interior support shelf holes.

    …ummm…nevermind, your clampy thingies appear way more efficient.

    Lastly…why no sheetrock?

  8. didn't hear you mention my first go-to stud finding technique. Just a flashlight up against the wall. Most mud jobs leave the screws plainly visible when you put a raking light to them.

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