5 Projects That You Can Sell | Woodworking Business

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We’re Jennie and Davis. We love sharing our hobbies with the people we love. That includes you! Join us as we learn to build furniture. We want people to know that anyone can sell the furniture they build as a side-hustle.

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20 Replies to “5 Projects That You Can Sell | Woodworking Business”

  1. These is a really great video i love your list, and it's really inspired me to get my business projects going.

  2. Jokes aside I appreciate the video. I Just quit my main job as a construction carpenter to work in my wood shop. I do also guide backpacking trips but I need to start making projects and had no idea where to start. I have epoxy river stuff made and I'd like to know where to find customers next, if y'all are looking for ideas.

  3. I only needed 2 min to tell what these two are about. you two are going to be so inspirational to our workshop kids, you're right in their wheelhouse

  4. I need a blanket ladder for clothes that I've worn, but didn't really get dirty, so I plan on wearing them again tomorrow.

  5. I love that blanket ladder. My wife crochets blankets for resale and this would be a great way to display them at craft shows. I may even make a few extra so sell at the show as well. Great video.

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