French Cleat System Featuring Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Edition

How to organize various accessories from Rockler woodworking and hardware featuring a French cleat system

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Finishes and solvents
Paste wax
Wipe on poly
Halcyon Clear
Mineral Spirits

Cordless angle grinder
Cordless circular saw
Cordless drill/driver combo
Cordless router
Cordless mini blower
Pneumatic brad nailer
Air compressor

Glues and adhesives
Wood glue
Epoxy resin
5 Minute epoxy
Spray glue

24” bar clamps
12” HD f-style
Quick release clamps

1 3/4” blue tape
1” blue tape 3pk
Gorilla Tape, Strongest ever
Tyvek Tape, Best for resin masking
Wood grain duck tape

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20 Replies to “French Cleat System Featuring Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Edition”

  1. How old is your daughter now? Coz' last time she was like 5,6 months!! Say hello to her from Nepal…love your video man,keep it up.

  2. At first I thought the blue art was some sort of blueprint video trick. It messes with my spacial perception, so I don't like it. Great content! I like your honesty. We all run into these snags, and sometimes it's better the "never-thought-of" way.

  3. What are those rubber bands with the clips called? I can’t find them anywhere, probably because I don’t know what to search for. Thanks

  4. Great job Chris and I love the simple explanation and approach to each of the hangers and racks! Well done man! Keep it up!

  5. God knows You are the very best and so fast! I must go at a slower pace but know the French Cleat that You teach is the finest.

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