63 – All About Hardwood Lumber Woodworking 101 Lesson 2

All About Hardwood Lumber Lesson 2 Woodworking 101 Series

This is Lesson 2 of the 16 week Free Online WOODWORKING 101 Course.

Learn everything you need to know about hardwood lumber. How to buy it. Where to buy it. What to look for at the hardwood dealer. How to calculate board feet. Understanding defects and premiums. And much more.

We will walk you through a lumberyard and see the various species and see premium pieces, and see how to save money and avoid defects.

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Also, I have created a PDF Document that details all of the information included in this video, and more. It has pictures and is an easy to understand step-by-step method to learning all you need to know about hardwood lumber for the woodworker.

Here is a link to get a free copy:
All About Hardwood Lumber Information Packet, in PDF Format

20 Replies to “63 – All About Hardwood Lumber Woodworking 101 Lesson 2”

  1. Thank you very much Sir for your fantastic work you doing, teaching a novice like me to learn woodworking for the first time, I didn't know I need to learn much more about the skill before I start till I watch your videos. Once again good work and I wish you all the best to you and your family

  2. Do you have access to recycled hardwoods from old demolished buildings? I have purchased some nice oak when I was doing special woodworking for flooring aprons from salvaged oak. I agree that hardwood suppliers are far superior to big box stores.

  3. In my humble opinion, you are the most intelligent voice on the Internet regarding woodworking. And for this, I thank you!

  4. Hi James, I really enjoy your presentations. Not only are you a master woodworker, but also an excellent teacher in hardwoods. Thank you for offering free online classes. Best wishes. Raj

  5. Excellent video!! I just stubbled on your channel and have been binge watching! As a novice woodworker, your channel is amazing!! Thank you very much!

  6. Hey James, thanks for these videos. I live in colorado as well and was wondering if you know of any hard wood dealers closer to me in castle rock that you would recommend… also does Paxton lumber have full sheets of 3/4 Baltic birch or walnut ply on hand?

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