Building a Hutch | Start 2 Finish

I take you through the entire process of building a hutch and have some fun along the way.

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19 Replies to “Building a Hutch | Start 2 Finish”

  1. THAT is awesome!!! Love it. I'm looking to make something very similar. I'm glad I came across your video during my search for ideas.

  2. Excellent job, my little lady wants something similar.I have all the same tool as you although not on the same skill level.

  3. I love this 👍, great job! . Maybe with those bloody price stickers on the wood you could try to heat with a hairdryer and they peel off easier 😉

  4. Good job but for sure using pocket screws to glue up a plank is an unnecessary extra step that can increase the chances of uneven boards.

  5. Beautiful piece.  Personal DNA – Ha!  Yeah, most of my projects end up with a little more than my personality in them as well.  Oh, and yeah, I hate those stickers too….

  6. Heya, Thats a nice video here. The most complete woodworking projects that I have ever used was Toms Magic Wood (i found it on google). Without a doubt it contains the most useful woodworking plans that I have ever tried.

  7. Hello there! I came across your channel from Judie's Colorful Canary. Is there an email address I can reach you at for a business inquiry for your channel ?

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