Woodworking – Making a 3d Tumbling cutting board

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The dimensions are; length 13.4in x 9.4in width x 1.2in high.
Block sizes are 1.3in around (the smallest parts)

I would like to say that i read every comment and appreciate them tremendously. Also I’m very grateful for all the people who subscribed to my channel! I’m currently working on my website, and will make another version of this video πŸ™‚
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  2. This is insane how well that came out fuck yeah dude that was nice. However I know it's ur project and I did it how I wanted but one thing that killed me was when you cut all the ends. Nonetheless it came out fucking awesome

  3. It looks great, but I don't think an optical illusion cutting board isn't that great of an idea. I'd probably just get distracted and cut my fingers off accidentally. It would be much better as a side table-top, perhaps, and then it wouldn't be marred by knife marks.

  4. If you are making a cutting board you wanna use or even have an old one that that needs a good oiling, the make a special oil that is designed just for cutting boards.

  5. Very cool. I would hope the rest of your shop isn't as messy and cluttered. I personally don't like working in a cluttered shop. DRIVES ME INSANE. I have a bit of the OCD.

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