Antique Tools–The Unusual and Obsolete

James R. Cassel, Collector of History (Military & Otherwise) presents many unusual and obsolete items from his personal collection.

This presentation was held at the annual meeting of the Oakland Township Historical Society within the walls of the historic Flumerfelt barn at Cranberry Lake Farm in Oakland Township, Michigan, on June 1, 2016.

Introduction was made by Colleen Barkham of the OTHS.

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  1. If the feedback could have been removed, (with a free audio program, such as Audacity), this video would have been among the top 20 videos on YouTube. Extremely interesting content. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Too bad it was unwatchable due to the bad feedback sound…Screeeeeeeech!!!!!! Didn't the operator or speaker hear that?

  3. Robert I sure enjoyed this video you need to sit down sometime and write a book so young people in the future will be able to identify the tools and Relics of our past well done God bless you and your family.

  4. Loved this!! Thank You! When mentioning the Indian Tools, that design told me instantly it was 'primitive' (very old) =] Not surprised they are alike ~ Joseph Campbell speaks of these Great Stories. 'They knew because they listened.' ~ the Power of the Planet and the Wise. ~ *

  5. Loved your presentation you obviously love your subject.
    thought you would like to know the pop bottle is still used in Japan today. not commercially but at local festivals you can buy usually in summer.. I have drunk from them many times as I lived in Japan up until last year for more than 26 years.

  6. They are tailors scissors, and you had them up side down, you could run the flat edge under the material without them snagging hope this helps, check the Japanese spring scissors channel and you will see they had to use European scissors just like you have in your hand.

  7. Would have loved this but the feedback makes it unwatchable, please clean it up and re upload! Some people may be able to listen anyway but many can't, like me.

  8. Single groove caulking iron, there were doubles, triples, and some had none, many shapes any questions, used them as a kid!

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