Where to Find Old Traditional Woodworking Hand Tools?


Joshua Farnsworth shares advice on where to find or buy traditional woodworking hand tools.

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16 Replies to “Where to Find Old Traditional Woodworking Hand Tools?”

  1. New tools are great, but they cost a fortune. I find many tools in excellent condition at antique stores for approximately $25.00 each or flea markets that need repair/restoration (Which I enjoy doing) for just about pennies.

  2. I have been doing woodworking with power tools 22 years althought I am learning to do more tradastional woodworking and your video was great help. I am also learning the skilled trades of BlackSmithing, Glass Blowing & Pottery as I want to get me a farm, live self-sufficient and make my own things. I have scribed to your chanel & saved your website.

  3. Awesome! Since I googled Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible I got into this wonderful craft more and more, I’m on my third project now and it’s been a great journey 🙂

  4. "WoodRiver" planes by Woodcraft are just pure perfection right out of the box. My hat is off to the Chinerman that makes them.

  5. What is a "good old boy" ?? I find that term insulting, especially if what you're implying is some kind of us against them great divide. Educated civilized person (you) and "local-yokals" (us). We have a subculture here and in many rural areas where someone sells an inflated property near a city and is able to buy a small rural farmstead with the profits, sort of a real life Bob Newhart show. Person then treats the "wacky" locals like we are animals in a zoo for their entertainment. Fail.

  6. Hey! Have you thought about – jamdun woodworking (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some great things about it and my work buddy got great resources with it. 

  7. I have several carpenters hand tools, several saws and hand planes. You suggest to refurbish the tools, removing rust and refinishing handles etc. giving it a new life. Doing this will not decrease value? Thanks…

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