Hand tools & Joinery for Woodworkers | Woodworking Classes

Hand tools & Joinery for Woodworkers | Woodworking Classes

Learn how to sharpen your chisels and planes and how to handcut mortise & tenons, dovetails and lap joints at http://www.schoolofwoodwork.com

One of our most popular classes at The Florida School of Woodwork in Tampa, Florida Is Hand tools & Joinery for Woodworkers. Just like all of our classes, this one is taught be a pro and designed to be perfect for beginners, but still VERY useful for experienced woodworkers.

There are just some things you can’t learn with a simple YouTube video. This class is perfect for you if:

– You are wanna be woodworker without a large woodworking shop. Hand tools are easy to store.
– You are a beginning woodworker still relying on mechanical joints and fasteners. There’s nothing like finishing a woodworking project with no screws or brackets, and knowing it will last for decades. That’s where Hand tools & Joinery Classes come in
– You are searching for something to DO. To actually MAKE something

The Florida School of Woodwork also has classes on Hand tools & Joinery that are available nights and weekends.

Here is what some of our students say:

For more information on available classes, including Handtools & Joinery please visit http://schoolofwoodwork.com
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