Upcoming Woodworking Events & more….9 -12-18

Chad Stanton tells you about some upcoming woodworking events, shop build progress, and work going on in the shop. Hear about the class offered at the Mid-Michigan Woodworkers Guild. A festival going on at the Heritage Farm and Museum & at the Toledo Woodcraft store demonstrations.

Mid-Michigan Woodworkers Guild-

Heritage Farm& Museum-

Toledo Woodcraft store-

CrystaLac- https://thecrystalacstore.com/

Kencraft Hardwoods- https://www.kencraftcompany.com/

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17 Replies to “Upcoming Woodworking Events & more….9 -12-18”

  1. I’m glad your shop is progressing. Sorry about Les. Hopefully he’ll see some improvement soon. 🙏🏻

  2. so glad you explained how band saw drift is based on where the blade is positioned on the wheel. i have seen so many you tubers tell you how to build complicated jigs to counter it. its the same thing as snipe on a jointer, which they say is to be expected yet it is all due to them not understanding how to set the out feed table lol. i guess my point is that there are many experts (definition of expert is, x is the unknown factor and a spurt is a drip under pressure) on you tube who pass on bogus knowledge to uninformed people who then pass on the same misinformation to others. so good on you for putting real information out there.

  3. Chad, GREAT SHOW (once again). VERY sorry to hear about Les. I am sure you are feeling it. >>>>  I am right there with you on "being busy". I don't have 14 projects going right now but I have more than enough to last me until the end of the year (and yet I still picked up another project today ((I need to learn to say "NO")). GREAT answer on the PVC dust collection. Yes. One 90 degree elbow is equal to 10 foot of pipe. << using corrugated pipe sucks because IT WON"T SUCK PROPERLY >> (( LMAO )). Use as many 45 degree elbows as possible and try to place at least 3 feet of pipe between them (two 45's together comes REAL close to equaling one 90). <<< One 45 is actually a little less than 5 feet of pipe >>>

  4. Hi Chad, first, Les has good friend in you and others, secondly I was watching a you tuber and he was fitting the thicker pipe in his shop and was talking about the difficulty in getting elbows & Y bends to fit, he also had been approached by a 3D printing manufacturer offering him a 3D printer. He accepted this printer and was excited to find items on the net that he could upload into the printer and print as many items as he needed. These files are uploaded to a site and are freely available to anyone who needs them.

  5. Sad to hear about Les. I'm sure he values your continuing friendship and work to complete his final project.

  6. First I want to say our thoughts and prayers are with Les. Love the bench very cool design can’t wait for the video. As always great information and tips. You take care buddy.

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