ASMR wood carving


Wood carving – contrary to ear cleaning is probably one of the most underrated asmr triggers, at least when we look at the intentional videos available on yotube. There are only a few videos involving the sound of wood carving. Now after making this video I know what’s the reason. Initially I thought it is gonna be very simple and that I can do it really quickly, but in fact it turned out to be quite difficult and time consuming especially for someone who has never been carving before.

I can say that I’m mildly satisfied with the visual result of my work, however when it comes to the sounds it’s definitely not exactly what I expected. Decided to upload it anyway, but please be careful if the harsh scratchy sounds are not your thing.

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My equipment:

Mic 1:

Mic 2:

Pair of mics 3:

XLR cables:

Audio Interface:


Recorder 1:

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Camera 1:

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Lens 1:

Lens 2:


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20 Replies to “ASMR wood carving”

  1. Clickbait did look like he was rolling weed😂 I seen it I was look “OOOO he’s rolling weed I wanna watch😁” takes a closer look at title and thumbnail’s ASMR WOOD carving😒

  2. Clicked on this thinking it was more of just a restoration style video not actual asmr, honestly grossed me out😂

  3. So when I do this myself, do I have to touch everything seductively like you do, or can I just skip that part?

  4. Video- carving wood
    Me- almost asleep
    Tiktok ad- DUDE I CANT JUST TELL HER I LIKE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    me – holy fickle rips earbuds off and dies

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