My Impressions of the Woodworking Show 2019

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  1. thanks for the info Tom. I am heading to the show in NJ this Friday. Haven't been to a show in 20 years so I was wondering if it was worth going and how much has changed since I was 29. There was no CNC when I went last. Hoping for some good deals and good info.

  2. FYI Peachtree Woodworkings owner's sister, who is also involved in the business is battling breast cancer. They decided to take this year off from doing the shows but will be back according to a letter by the owner. See

  3. I use to go to the Collinsville show quite a bit when I lived in Virden, IL…. but now I live in Davenport so the Chicago show is closer. However, I can see anything I want on line so havent been to a show in 8 years..

  4. I'm in Tampa and we just had the show. Seems like it shrinks every year even though I think WW as a whole is growing. Perhaps most people are buying on the internet, etc. Also, WW as a hobby seems to be older folks and I'm wondering if the $14 admission and $8 parking restricts some attendees. The show itself does very little, in my opinion, to do anything special to draw in guys who have been around for awhile such as discounts, coupons to save money, bringing in big names, etc. Same old ho hum…nothing new and exciting. I live 15 minutes away and would not have even gone if I had not volunteered to work in our clubs booth.

  5. My brother and I go to the Columbus Ohio show every year and 2 years ago I picked up some oak, last year it was Ash from the woodmizer sawmill outside $10-$15 a board. Granted you gotta let it dry a year or so. Love the show it does seem to be shrinking I agree. Which sucks

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