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Reveal Contents Of An Antique Wooden Tool Chest | Chop With Chris video shows in detail the tool chest contents of a 1920’s era handyman from Baltimore, MD. All his tools, manuals, devices, and even post cards are included. I hope you enjoy. Be sure to watch these related videos below:
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20 Replies to “Reveal Contents Of An Antique Wooden Tool Chest | Chop With Chris”

  1. You wouldn't believe it but I just walked in from the shed after refurbing a bevel and bang the same one is in this vid.

  2. My Grandfather had a box pretty much like that but he had pyramid shaped blocks attatched ti the top in rows. I asked him what they were for and he told me they were there to stop people from sitting on his box.

  3. Didn't get s real good look but I think the small level is a string level. I have a very old one that's cast iron. Love this reveal.

  4. That's a sharpening stone for a scythe. It was common for them to be used for sharpening other edged tools. You can have a look at new ones at and see how they are used.

  5. Sorry to moan Chris because I love your site but please do something regarding the "focus/quality of the picture. Another thing is Chris when you read out the paperwork when you was reading the middle set was one of the customers names Crook you can see why I ask.

  6. Some of those tools I'd have put in my own tool box. Too bad the previous owner did not have children interested in the trade to pass on to.

  7. Aloha Chris , yes indeed you have found a little treasure chest of tools . Any wooden items there , would have fallen to the jaws of the 2 termites types here in Hawaii ! Its a bit of a hobby of mine to restore to usefulness any old wooden woodworking tools here . The small wooden hand plane is called a 'coffin bodied smoother plane [by some]. That 'drill' is a real mystery . With its 'positioning bar' to help keep you drilling on target . Maybe it made the 'height' of the lock set all the same when drill the lock set and catches of all doors the same , with no odd ball heights to the tract housing that he might have worked at . The one leather wrapped 'punch' set by 'Greenly' is no doubt , for electrical work ,to cut holes the right size through the metal boxes that were at power supply boxes .
    I like the tool 'tills' of the interior . The stone 'torpedo shaped' was for sharpening any thing that was needing a new shape edge dressed , from a knife to plane .
    A 'historical society' might be your best place to try to place this box and it papers and tools .

  8. An uncle of my mother was the representative of the electricity company in a small village in the Netherlands. His father was the village carpenter. Your toolbox appears to be owned by a similar mix of carpenter and electrician from the early days when electricity was installed in the old existing houses.where you would need a different type of craftsman. Nice find!

  9. Keep it and the tools. If family wanted it, you wouldn’t have it. Taking care of his stuff the way he did, he’d be proud of you for wanting to keep it like he had it. Oh yeah, take it from an old man, be sure to put as many of your personal tools in it to keep his company. The whole shebang was meant to be used, so make it yours too

  10. I came across two huge tool chests like you'rs in the basement of my father in laws house, They where my wife's grandpa & great grandpa's, Mine has planes = stanley bailey bedrock, saws, chisels, brace & bit & several mixer type drills, scrapers etc.
    What a find, I have them both in my shop now, never use them but have a lot of tools that aren't used nowdays in them.

  11. Carborundum perhaps for the vaguely football shaped object? That might be s sharpening stone. Their old silicon carbide stones are excellent quality.

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