17 Woodworking Projects and 39 Tips and Tricks

Here are 17 woodworking projects that might give you ideas for your next build. I also added some tips and tricks along the way, I hope you find useful. You can find the full length videos in the list below:

1.Making a Box With Splined Miter Joinery: https://youtu.be/wm0px3Ngo04

2. How to Make a Wooden Jewelry Box: https://youtu.be/dvz9JuO9DvA

3. How to Make a Pirate Chest: https://youtu.be/fjPffNC1h2E

4. How to Make a Large Stretcher Frame: https://youtu.be/3XigDYvK-1Y

5. Building a Woodworking Workbench: https://youtu.be/cQ-S7dp_CFw

6. Simple Bandsaw Project: https://youtu.be/ToE-xsdu1Kc

7. Making a Farmhouse Table and Two Benches: https://youtu.be/pWQr8-qkrHQ

8. DIY Chandelier – Farmhouse Style: https://youtu.be/pGbAmfzEWYU

9. Step Stool Build Video: https://youtu.be/XR4ukPa5ULQ

10. Making a Tiny Wooden Box: https://youtu.be/r_4uYrMlABU

11. Making a Elegant Gift Box: https://youtu.be/2L6wRXmdFoM

12. Tiny CNC Box: https://youtu.be/35lEAPsWG48

13. Woodcarving a Heart: https://youtu.be/PO_qfxxmiNo

14. Carving a Spoon: https://youtu.be/cXrr9kjCb18

15. Easy Woodworking Project for Kids: https://youtu.be/mCEeJXtTuTM

16. Making a DIY Coffe Table: https://youtu.be/8pYnsqoWMuA

17. How to Make a Beverage Caddy: https://youtu.be/BFwAer46PTM

You can also binge watch all these videos in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4X1uCCR1JPc&list=PLF6r24jMOg8XBwmU0Wp7RM5mRHmCczWVx

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20 Replies to “17 Woodworking Projects and 39 Tips and Tricks”

  1. Solid, thx for sharing, there are some more modern tools out there that could have made it more perfect, which basically means saving time, precision not really, atm im just int the middle, but I think no screws, no nails, no cramp nails, no Ikea shit tec.

  2. So I just had a vote with the universe, and it was a vote in favor of you being the Pimp of all Pimp Wood(workers)! Great stuff and I was able to learn as well. Much appreciated.
    Advice on which Japanese Saw? I believe I saw a couple flying around at X16, haha. thanks

  3. Great video cnc looks fun to use I've never used one but my neighbour offered me one for a good price basically brand new

  4. I wish you could slowly do this and talk this channel would so be better than all other wood working channels love your work

  5. Some great projects 👍👍👍 but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too fast 😲 Sub'd and liked 😎

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