20 Replies to “Amazing Woodworking Techniques Extreme Intelligent – Building A Parts Crown kitchen Cabinets, Art”

  1. Misfire on the bradnailer=nail in face of guy up top. Get some damn clamps. There's being efficient and there's being stupid. This was stupid.

  2. It's called close enough carpentry they should use shorter screws the first one went right through to the other side

  3. Now that you've glued the joints all together.. how are you going to move it to where it's going? Amazing!

  4. In woodworking there is no right way as long as the end results works. The only thing i see that was too much was using so many nails, but he might have his reasons. Other than that all I see is talent and creativity.

  5. This is amazing, almost super human skills. Every nail from that nail gun is put in with 100% accuracy, but never over nailed. Nothing could be more beautiful than a perfectly hand cut miter finessed to perfection with a hand grinder. This is surely the highest level ever of fine woodworking.

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