The Highland Woodworker, Episode 40

Moment with a Master: Megan Fitzpatrick has been surrounded by woodworking her entire life, but early on she spent most of her time and attention becoming a wordsmith. Learn how her sharp writing and editing skills took her all the way to one of the top jobs in the publishing industry — which also opened up a unique opportunity for her to learn how to build beautiful fine furniture, as well.

We’ll also get a lesson at her workbench that may have you laying out dovetails differently on your next project!

Popular Woodworking Magazine Tips, Tricks and Techniques: Zane Powell (Instructor at Marc Adams School of Woodworking) has a great how-to on making hold downs for easier wood pushing your table saw.

Toolbox: See why the Leigh VRS1200 is a smart solution for support and dust collection for a popular series of Leigh jigs.

Those stories and more — this time on The Highland Woodworker!

14 Replies to “The Highland Woodworker, Episode 40”

  1. one of my favorite teachers at Palomar College Woodworking Dept is an outstanding woodworker named Jenn Anderson. She studied under James Krenov and it shows.

  2. I have Megan Fitzpatrick to thank for my not having dropped woodworking almost as soon as I took it up. I was intimidated and faced some blowback as a woman who wanted to learn. Then I picked up a copy of the magazine, read her descriptions of her own learning experience and what she was building, and felt much encouraged. I suspect I’m one woman among many who are grateful to Megan Fitzpatrick, and I wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

  3. Another great show. Great interview I sat in at one of Megan's seminars at WIA and it was very interesting. I also bought a Leigh D4R years and I have continued to update it with the parts Leigh produces to keep the jig up to date. I bought the  VRSD24 Vacuum & Router Support for my D4R and it works very well.

  4. Another excellent episode. The interview with Megan was outstanding. I really liked the feather board idea. I need to make at least one for my table saw and perhaps another for my router table. Thanks Charles. Keep these episodes coming.

  5. I had the pleasure of meeting Megan at one of Chris’ classes (Anarchist’s Tool Chest) at Roy Underhill’s school a few years ago. Classy lady.

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