20 Replies to “Make a Tool Cabinet (Hand Plane Cabinet)”

  1. love watching your craftmanship Young Je .I think ive watched you make most of what is in there . Thank you for sharing

  2. 너무 나도 오랬만이네요, 그동안 잘지내고 겠어조? 솜씨 진짜 노무 좋아요 직접 만들 대패와 또 이러게 커피넷을 만들어 너노니 방물관 같네요, 감사합니다.

  3. ciao raffaele… bell'idea… semplice e funzionale… forse dico forse avrei aggiunto una "specie" di battuta per allineare il pezzo orizzontale… n.b. pensavo di essere già iscritto invece…… vabbè fatto adesso 3854 !!!!!

  4. What a beautiful and functional display of your amazing planes and tools. Your work and ideas continue to be an inspiration, thanks!

  5. A high performance garage for high performance tools Mr.Je. 
    Question middle finger right hand, router? Also I find taking my edge trimmer apart and using one side can come in handy.Thank you for sharing your work with us.

  6. You never cease to blow my mind with your skill. This cabinet looks great just as those handmade planes do. Keep it up!

  7. Young Je, everything you make is pure art. Something that holds the beautiful planes that you make, should itself be just as beautiful – nailed it! I love the roller track that you made.

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