DIY Modern Paper Tray || How To Build – Woodworking

DIY Modern Paper Tray || How To Build - Woodworking

Hey guys, I built this modern file tray / paper tray out of some scrap wood. I used some scrap wood from past project. This not only helped me with some shop organization, it also helped me with my office organization. Thanks for checking it out!


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TOOLS / MATERIALS (affiliate)
■ Microjig Gripper (Affiliate)
■ Microjig Gripper Blocks (Affiliate)
■ Microjig Matchfit Clamps (Affiliate)
■ White Marker (Amazon)
■ Epoxy w/ Slow Hardener Kit (Amazon)
■ Sheathing Tape (Amazon)
■ Colored Pigment (Amazon)
■ Incra 1000HD Miter Gauge (Amazon)
■ Wixey Digital Angle Gauge (Amazon)
■ Plywood Router Bit Set (Amazon)
■ Bandy Clamps (Amazon)

FILM GEAR (affiliate)
■ Main Camera (Amazon)
■ Main Lens (Amazon)
■ Beautyshot Lens (Amazon)
■ Beautyshot Lens #2 (Amazon)
■ Joby Gorillapod (Amazon)
■ Slider (Amazon)
■ Gimbal (Amazon)

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20 Replies to “DIY Modern Paper Tray || How To Build – Woodworking”

  1. Let me preface by mentioning that I subscribe to MANY woodworking channels. Often times you receive either expert instruction or great video work, but rarely both. Without exception, I can say that you've achieved the perfect balance. Precision tools and a precision video, well done my friend. Subscribed!

  2. I expected a ordinary paper tray how to video, the smooth slider shot of using the tablesaw the fine editing/masking made me subscribe and truly this was amazing!!!

  3. Hi. Amazing talent for working with wood. Amazing idea and very stylish. Would love to buy one should the opportunity arise.😁

  4. I like your work.Such a perfection.Can you give the details to buy these machinares? I like the angled cutter fixed in table.

  5. your work is stunningly beautiful, keep creating quality content like this and your channel is guaranteed to grow

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