Woodworking Tuition DVDs and Online Courses

A number of viewers have asked me about woodworking tuition and courses. I do not take on any teaching here at The New Brit Workshop but I do know someone who is a well known and respected teacher and master of his craft – Peter Sefton. He not only teaches students at his furniture school but also, in conjunction with Artisan Media, produces DVDs and downloadable courses.

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  1. While you may not offer woodworking courses per se, you do certainly teach and inspire. Your product recommendations (especially Festool products) are greatly appreciated – and they always come with helpful hints on how to use them and get the most out of them. You are very much appreciated by many – even way out here in Los Angeles!

  2. Hi Peter
    I received a set of Peter Sefton's videos as a gift and, even in my 75th year, I learnt a lot from them. One of the downsides of the internet is that there are so many " self-appointed experts", Peter Sefton's videos prove that he is an expert and excellent communicator.

    I have also been to a couple of his open days and have to say that the furniture his students produce is excellent in design and the quality of the finished article is top rate.

    The videos are an excellent investment because you always immediately pick it up, put it in the video player and refresh the grey matter.

  3. You could also look at Paul Sellers (on YouTube) and his Woodworking Masterclasses. He is an excellent teacher.

  4. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for another great video.

    I mean absolutely no disrespect in the following; but I feel it incumbent upon me, as a "committee" of one, to say this:

    While you may not be a "professional" teacher; and you may feel you are not competent to teach,; you are one helluva fantastic teacher; when it comes to what MOST woodworkers want. Let me explain:

    In all deference to Peter Sefton, I would be bored to tears to attend his school. Here is the reason why: I have no interest in "fine" woodworking. Yet I have the utmost admiration and respect for ALL that do want that. But I don't.

    I suggest that I am not alone in this.

    I would MUCH rather watch you teach (yes and a darned good teacher too) what you know in your innately gifted way of doing it. I have learned SO very much from your outstanding videos from the first time I found your channel.

    With fine woodworking, it MUST entail hours and hours of instruction and finesse and years of practice and study. Where infinite "accuracy", hand planes, chisels and sandpaper, not to mention "scrapers", etc, reign supreme.

    That does absolutely nothing for me and many other DIY woodworkers I am sure. I want a "CUT to the CHASE" teacher which can show me how to build something that I can be proud of; and get tremendous enjoyment out of it, in a short period of time. Like "The New Yankee Workshop". Norm Abram will take us step by step in less than 25 minutes; on how to build some of THE most amazing things out of wood. Oh indeed yes.

    Rarely does he use a hand plane, or chisel, etc, and etc. Sure it will NOT "pass muster" in "Fine woodworking"; but for the majority of us DIY'rs, we love what he does. And indeed he, IMHO, is one of THE greatest woodworking teachers ever.

    I would put you very close to 2nd to Norm. I mean that with all my heart Peter. Steve Maskery is another. As is a number of others on YouTube; who "CUT to the CHASE". I LOVE your videos. And look forward to each new "what is he going to teach us today" episode; in a manner few could EVER do. I have not been disappointed or bored.

    For what it's worth.

    May Jesus continue to bless you and yours always dear person.

  5. I'm a reasonably competent woodworker (I think) but I've learned a lot from your videos. When I discovered Festool you helped me decide which of their machines are most relevant to my situation.
    A few weeks ago you mentioned you might do a demo on veneering. My first efforts at this skill left a lot to be desired so I would welcome a video on the subject.

  6. hellow Peter How are you, excelente vídeo , Very good perfect , you excelente profissional of wood , i wass Very inspired by your YouTube channel , tanks.

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