Home Made Wood Sword – Will It Kill?

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We love wood here at The Slingshot Channel. It is our most important raw material by a great margin. When we found this 20″ piece of European Dogwood (Cornus Sanguinea) while cleaning up the shed, we immediately had the idea to make a sword from it.

The wood is very dense and hard, it even sinks in water. The piece was completely dry as we harvested it six years ago. Ideal material!

We went to work with the new Stihl 170 carving chain saw… and truly, the final product exceeded our wildest imaginations.

A “The Slingshot Channel” Production!
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20 Replies to “Home Made Wood Sword – Will It Kill?”

  1. Heated to a fair temperature…. and then given its sharpening….it will be even tougher… measurably.
    I think the AXE deserves a Do-Over… and a pick end…. Re-Test !!

  2. I love swords so much more fun to play with. Ya guns are more effective at range but putting tiny holes in stuff in the desert pales in comparison to slicing a milk jug in half or lopping melons apart like a fruit ninja.

  3. Wow, ich hatte gerade AFD Wahlwerbung vor deinem Video… Ich glaube und hoffe, dass du den Inhalt der Werbung nicht beeinflussen kannst; sehr seltsam das ganze…

  4. Das nächste Mal bitte ein Holzschwert mit Eisen-verstärkten Kanten, leicht, scharf, tödlich, wär doch ne Idee, oder?

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