Making a Large Apothecary Cabinet

This is my largest project to date. It’s an apothecary style cabinet that has 21 drawers and 7 shoes cubbies. The drawers are roughly 8″ x 8″ x 10.5″. Each row of drawer fronts came from the same piece of sapele giving the front of the cabinet a nice continuous and book matched grain pattern. The outer casework is made of book matched quarter sawn sapele while the dividers are made of laminated pine panels with 3/4″ thick sapele edge banding.

The drawers are constructed using a half blind lock joint for the front joints and a housing joint for the back piece. If you want to see how to make the half blind lock joint, check out this video:

Half blind lock joint:

Drawer Hardware:

Sketchup file:

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  1. Here's a link to the sketchup file I used:
    The original design called for more shoe cubbies but I accidentally keep the same spacing as the drawers, hence I have less shoe cubbies. Just another mistake! Anyway, I followed most of these measurements pretty closely. The base might be slightly wider and longer. Thanks!

  2. I sometimes think that being a skilled carpenter requires quite a large percentage of fixing quirks, mistakes, flaws in the wood, mess-ups and general misbehavior of mind, fingers, tools and whatever else goes into a project like this. I really like your attitude and honesty about it. That’s where we learn. I guess we should all love our mistakes, haha!! Or at least learn how to control the odd vent of anger and frustration like you do. Excellent job!

  3. Those pre-laminated pine boards are really easy to find in Norway. They’re called (translated) “hobby boards”, and are available in multiple widths.

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