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  1. Although late to the party, I've been enjoying your videos for about a year now. Thank you Mike for sharing your story with us. I started working as a Handyman and have evolved to doing mostly finish carpentry and the occasional deck (working on an Ipe deck now). It surprised me hear you moved out of SoCal; smart move. I'm a Southern California native myself. I'm working on getting over the hump of being a do-it-all to focusing on woodwork. I'd love to hear how you started and grew your business. Estimating is a particular challenge; care to share any secrets?

  2. Great video. Your shot is incredible. I love the last part, my wife is so supportive of me and my work. It would be impossible to do it with out her. Nice to here!

  3. Mike, you have definitely become a great mentor to me. Awesome job! From the rock and tick farm here in Missouri. No homo, but the voice is like a angel farted into a pillow. Keep up the good work friend

  4. That was torture. It's like you reached into my brain, pulled out my dreams, and forced me to watch them. Not only the shop but the type and crazy skill level of work I aspire to achieve.

  5. Great and inspiring video! Mike I have a question for you:
    I never work on wood (I'm a senior web developer) and I would like to do all the furniture in my medieval tour (South of France). Do you think with few tools and passion it's possible to do something great from the beginning? The only thing I have is a passion for woodworking and hundreds of hours whatching woodworkers on YouTube.

  6. Just subd. Love your shop. Great work BTW brother. I thought NY was cold that looked like kill yourself cold. Lol

  7. Best shop on YouTube, thank you for sharing. Thanks to your wife as well for keeping you going and supporting you. I feel like I need to congratulate you on your collection of tools haha 😂 weird urge but thank you for documenting your woodworking process!

  8. Hey Mike got a question my man. So I been shopping around on amazon for a decent affordable go pro camera ( or something similar) but I don’t know what to buy , I plan on bringing it to the jobs I’m doing and duct tape it to my forehead ( not really but you know what I mean ) but when I find a decent cam and read the reviews( which is more important than anything I think , I never buy anything without researching it first ) but it seams like every time I read the reviews there are multiple one star reviews for it saying it’s cheap and it broke even the more pricy ones, or the battery only records like 8 min vids , so I say that to ask this , in your opinion what do you think is the best camera for the work we do . It’s not like I’m going to strap it to a surfboard and beat on it .. what do you use and are they able to just plug in to a power source as u recorded ( for longer videos) also give me a tip for audio too if you wouldn’t mind, I know ur busy so whenever u get a chance man , I appreciate it

  9. Hey Mike, I’m a fellow carpenter based out of Glastonbury Connecticut. I love the scissor lift bench and can see a lot of practicality in my shop. Can you tell me who makes that lift? I’d appreciate any advice you can send my way. That bench design is the best thing I’ve seen to date for carpenters. Thanks for any advice you can or are willing to put out.

  10. As a fellow Colorado woodworker, i would like to ask who your lumber supplier is, if you care to divulge?

  11. hello mike i have the same thing going on with the doors here in NEO OHIO
    what i did to keep in the heat was not to remove the doors but to build a face frame
    on the out side of the door casing i then took 1inch thick foam panels cut them to the door shape
    over that i used 3/4 plywood 1x3x8 where the boards meet sealed and painted white they never come down a man door and 1 over head are all i use

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