Dollar Store Finds for Woodworking

There are lots of great woodworking associated items that can be purchased from dollar stores from organizing woodworking tools and woodworking accessories, to using in woodwork projects like gloves, twist tie wire, brushes, paints and more, and many of these items can be re-used to make them even more environmentally friendly. Today we look at finds from my local dollar tree haul.

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20 Replies to “Dollar Store Finds for Woodworking”

  1. I used the trimmed paintbrush for a few bridle joints today and it was just perfect! Cheap bonus: It saves on glue by allowing you to spread a really thin layer and remove the excess to apply on another joint.

    Oh, and I'll be getting some plastic gloves ASAP, as soon as I remove the CA glue of another piece from my fingers!

  2. In the UK they are pound stores. I by CA glue which comes in small tubes, but you get perhaps 10 or so. They are good for one use. I also use their epoxy, and I have a number of their metal tape measures which are conveniently coloured red (I still lose them though). Double sided tape and carpet tape, and none stick cooking sheets which are good for glue ups.

  3. I hadn’t really thought about getting the little cups. I think the next time I am going by a dollar store I’ll stop into get some. I could really use having something small like that for putting small amounts of finishes in for bowls that I turn.

  4. I like the little black tool boxes at dollar tree.. Its only a buck for a fairly tough little tool box. Perfect for all my chisels.. Another one holds all my sanding discs for my orbital. Another has hardware for boxes such as hinges and latches.. Etc.

  5. I also buy the Cleaning Vinegar because it is a higher ph than food grade which I use it for cleaning rust..

  6. Their CA Glue may not be the highest quality but I buy that to join two boards with blue painters tape and GEL-CA. I also use the regular CA as liguid-Pin-nailer while the Titebond dries. I also use the shoe box sized plastic containers for organizing. I purchase mason jars when they have lids so I can mix poly/mineral spirits – also keep adding some more poly from original container to mason jar mix to decrease the 'cut' as my layers build (thinner coat first to allow wood to absorb easier).. . Poster board or foam board for painting.

  7. I've found sharpening stones at the dollar store. Doesn't say what grit number they are, but it looks like coarse on one side and fine on the other. Good enough to get an edge on those new HF chisels.

  8. Another thing to use for covering your bench when you're doing a glue up so you don't get glue all over your bench is a tablecloth from the dollar store plastic ones.

  9. 3:07 I wouldn't recommend plastic as sometimes if the resin isn't mixed properly or the temperature is far too hot for the amount of resin I have it tends to steam up and easily set on fire and that would be annoying to deal with, so my work nowadays only uses metal tin cans, which are always really cheap, and u get dinner out of before using for resin being like $4 for 3 spaghetti tins, or even baked beans, and no I don't tend to reuse them, just because they are so cheap

  10. I too save plastic deli meat containers as well as different types and sizes of plastic containers once the product inside has been used. I also like saving small glass pickle jars. Even re-use glass candle jars by melting all the wax or even inserting a new candle in the jar. All these will provide lots of storage options in the shop.

  11. Try a cheap silicone basting brush, cutting the elements to 3/4 inch and you will not need more glue brushes ever. Enjoy!

  12. The rubber coated wire to tie tomatoe plants to the posts works great for organizing wires and cords. The two part epoxy works well too.

  13. Turkey baster are great for getting stain out of the can without spilling it.
    The little snap top containers are great, but try the ones with screw top lids for storing things like poly.

  14. instead of using a paintbrush for glue, most dollar stores have silicone basting brushes. Cut the strands down to about 3/4 inch long. They spread glue perfectly and the glue just peels off when fried.

  15. Thanks Colin! Dollar Tree is a great store and I find a lot of great things. Turkey baster syringes are great for glue-ups and fillet gluing in close quarters. I use a dremel cutter to cut the metal tip the way I want it and they work great. I'm also getting away from glass jars in the workshop and I use plastic jars from peanuts, etc now. One thing I've stop doing at Dollar Tree is price-checks though!

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