Simple Finishing Supplies Cabinet

Finally, all my finishes, adhesives, and general shop consumables can be stored in one place, so I’m not searching around the workshop for where the paint can opener is!

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8 Replies to “Simple Finishing Supplies Cabinet”

  1. Going to have to build something similar for the same reason, so I can keep all shop consumables in one place.

  2. Hey Paul, is the flaw you're talking about at 5:22 in relation to a hinge jig designed for 3/4" stock being used on what appears to be 16mm whiteboard from Bunnings? Cheers 🙂

  3. That forstner bit jig looks great. I've wanted to tackle euro hinges before but they always looked like a lot of precise measuring and one mistake and you're buggered

  4. You could pin nail the pieces together before you drive the pocket screws. That'll temporarily hold the pieces in place long enough to screw them together without any shifting.

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