Rocking Walnut Bassinet (Baby Cradle)

This rocking bassinet presents some interesting joinery challenges. The side assemblies splay out at 10.5 degrees and the spindles splay in at 6.5 degrees. The entire frame is constructed with integral mortise and tenon joinery.
More details and pictures of the finished bassinet:

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20 Replies to “Rocking Walnut Bassinet (Baby Cradle)”

  1. Hey matt I was so impressed by this video I'm planning on copying the exact plan you laid out, is there any way you can email me the plans so I can but my stock? I am planning in using mahogany for the frame and birch for the dowels and sides.

  2. Well done…not only is the piece beautiful but will be an heirloom because it was built so well it will last through the ages. I have two nieces both expecting and I wanted to build them a rocker and this is perfect…hope you don't mind if I steal your design and build them…won't be using walnut possibly oak or clear pine depending if they want a stained or painted rocker. Great job..I subscribed so I can see more of what you do!

  3. Great if you have a giant shop with tons of fancy tools! Very nicely done project. No disrespect, very fine woodworking. Quite jealous frankly. Perhaps one day I will get to your level. Peace.

  4. How enjoyable it was to watch this video. I look forward to watching your other videos. Your attention to detail I remarkable. I was amazed at how you began with the roughest cut timbers and turned them into a work of art. Thank you.

  5. I'm a bit late to the game Matt, but this was a beautiful build. If you happened to find an appropriate place to store it, it can become a family heirloom!

  6. Matthew, I hope your children cherish their beautiful solid walnut furniture when they grow to adulthood. What you have made is heirloom quality and worthy of display in any home, great or small. (I am sure they will be very proud of their papa.)

  7. I made a cradle a few days ago , and if I only had your idea I wud of made it like that , the rocker is great , professional work sir.

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