SCM minimax cu 410e – all purpose powerful combination machine

In less than 10 minutes, the great Sam Blasco is showing what this machine is capable of.
Unpacking, cleaning and installing components on the SCM minimax cu 410e combination machine is as easy as Sam is showing you.

In this video you will see the mortiser attachment, outrigger and squaring frame, extra support table, separate miter gauge and many more.

Check more info about this machine here:

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13 Replies to “SCM minimax cu 410e – all purpose powerful combination machine”

  1. very nice machine I have owned its older brothers for years the c 410 and the c 35 both fantastic machines.
    very nice demo of its use. i like the american version of the bridge guard i always wondered why they don't make them an option here.

  2. I am using the small brother the minimax lab 300 plus combination unit.   🙂 Awesome video, hope to see more in the future!

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