Cradle, Cradle, Cradle – I made it out of….wood.

Cradle, Cradle, Cradle - I made it out of....wood.

This is a little different project video….I want to first apologize for the video filming. My 10 year old son, Alex, was my camera man. Even though I think he did a good job, i feel the camera moved a lot, so when I sped up footage to shorten the length of the video, it looks too shakey.

I want to thank Dave for the use of his shop. This video was long over due, and because we were offered the shop to create this doll cradle for my mother who lives there in Maine (3000 miles away from my shop) we thought we would take advantage of the time to make a new vid. So not having my tools or equipment, we get a different style. I hope you still enjoy it and I want to thank you for watching. 🙂

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Welcome to our Hand Tool Woodworking Shop and M&T Office! Take a peek into the small little studio where we spend our week restoring furniture and building period reproductions with hand tools. This 238-square-foot shop on the coast of Maine is also the home of Mortise & Tenon Magazine – where we edit and design the magazine and even where we ship our orders out of. We thought you’d appreciate seeing how homegrown this publication is. Thank you for all your support, readers. We hope this new YouTube channel is a place for you to learn and be inspired! Stay tuned for more and keep making shavings!
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Making a Box With Only a Chisel | Hand Tool Woodworking Challenge

Making a Box With Only a Chisel | Hand Tool Woodworking Challenge

I was challenged to make a box so I decided to make it with just a chisel out of a block of firewood. this build is about as minimal on tools as you can get. there is not much more basic than a chisel.

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Arbortech Woodworking Power Carving Range

Created by

Arbortech produces revolutionary woodworking power tools and attachments that carry a reputation for unparalleled performance, safety, control and versatility.

All Arbortech woodworking / power carving tools are designed with free form, power carving in mind. They are efficient and fun alternatives to traditional woodworking tools, helping woodworkers, wood artists, wood sculptors and hobbyists around the world let their woodworking imaginations loose!!

The range includes: a number of unique attachments designed to fit everyday angle grinders (4 – 4 1/2″) as well as a few specialty, complete grinder tools such as the Mini Grinder and Power Chisel.

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WOODWORKING STREAMATHON! 10 years of WWMM videos: all weekend long.

This Father’s Day weekend, I’ll be streaming every Woodworking for Mere Mortals video, from 2008 to today. That’s 53 hours… over a decade of content!

Also: I’m hosting a Father’s Day Sale for my woodworking online classes!

From now through Sunday night, both The Weekend Woodworker and Powered Up are available for 20% off the regular price.

I rarely put either of these programs on sale (I’ve actually only ever done it once before)… so if you’ve been wanting to get into woodworking (or go deeper and build on your skills) now is the perfect time. Simply head to this link and join one or both courses for 20% off:

The sale ends Sunday night at 11:59pm ET.

Throughout this stream I’ve also recorded new introductions and recollections of the projects and videos as well as some behind-the-scenes memories.

There won’t be any recorded version, so I hope you’ll check it out this weekend!




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Ultimate Workbench / Table Saw Outfeed Table | Woodworking Project

Looking to increase your workflow and productivity in the shop? Creating efficient storage and having a large workspace is key to being fast and creating beautiful projects in the workshop. The outfeed table for the table saw is a blank slate of opportunity in the shop. Its something we all dream of, and wish was optimized for our work flow. With tons of features, this Ultimate Workbench/ Outfeed table answers all of those questions for any shop!

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Amazing Woodworking Tools That Are Next Level

Amazing Woodworking Tools That Are Next Level


Written Commentary Made By-My-Self trying to stand out from other channels like mine…Hope You Enjoy

DAMSTOM PANEL CLAMPS – The D300 BLACK Edition is designed to get flat panels all the time. It helps to get a good pressure, sticks all the pieces together and reduces the amount of tools for the conventional process.
SALVADOR SUPERCUT 500 – Supercut 500 is the ultra-high speed optimizer able to satisfy the highest production capacities with maximum reliability Cutting Machine.
TWIN FLUTED TOOL – The Titman Single Flute Upward Spiral cutters are suitable for use on all wood products.
ATEMAG MEGA CUTTER – Ideal for the use with a moulder spindle or a saw blade package. Using the optimum motorspindle torque and the optimum saw blade/tool speed.
WOODPECKERS DOWEL PRESS – The Dowel Press, makes it easy to produce more dowels than you can shake a stick at. And you can make them in numerous sizes in any wood species from ash to zebrawood.
DREMEL VERSATIP – It is the perfect tool for welding, melting, shrinking, pyrography, hot cutting and paint stripping.
ARMOR TOOLS AUTO-JIG – The Armor Tool Auto-Jig is fully automated system self-adjusts your drill guide setting and drill bit collar based off of the thickness of the piece you’re clamping (see video ). No more manual setting, measuring, or adjusting.

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