#54 How to create a custom wood name on the scrollsaw.

This is a how to video of how to make custom names and words on the scrollsaw from start to finish. If you enjoyed this video please watch my other videos also. Please subscribe to my channel. Also like, share, and comment. Have a great day!

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20 Replies to “#54 How to create a custom wood name on the scrollsaw.”

  1. Hi Marty are those pinned blades or pinless only just started scrolling but the pinless ones keep breaking out of the top holder ?

  2. Your 1st video i saw. I am using a borrowed scroll saw before I bought my own. Can you tell me what brand you use. looks much easier to change blades then the 1 I am using now. Thanks.

  3. Ok. Goste so do Brasil so do aquele que ajunda nosso companheiro como dano o pdf voces americano so pessa eu voces. Mão na umanidade min descupa.

  4. Your video is better than a lot. I appreciate you explained how ill have to detachthe blade and make a hole. I had no idea. My scroll saw gets delivered tomorrow and im super excited

  5. one more thing marty check out pswood.com The blades will turn the edges of your work into a polished shine you cant get with any other blade. The PGT shines but not like a ps wood blade and i promise you they are worth the price. Tell them Clayton sent you. When a polished edge matters choose pswood.com super sharps. It will set you apart from the competetion.

  6. Marty your funny. Hey listen . Thats a nice 601 you have there. If you ever decide you want to sell that I will PayPal you enough for the tool, shipping and materials to build a sturdy box and foam etc to ship it. If you ever want to swap for a HAWK let me know. Ill make it worth your while. Catch me on facebook or instagram and message me. Lets talk saws. I am looking for 2 working 601s right now that are complete. Let me know ASAP and we can sort it out. Thanks.

  7. Very minimal vibration if any. Change-over is seconds. So far, so good.>>>ur2.pl/850    I've only used up to 3/4" stock but the challenge for 1.5" will be forthcoming. I did not receive a manual or registration card so I am curious how to register my new tool.

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