BEST Of Stunning WOOD WORKS | Woodworking Projects Compilation

You have to see these stunning wood works and woodworking projects!

These masters of wood turning, wood carving and woodworking are amazing! It’s pure art!

A wooden cedar strip canoe, carving a bowl, a wooden pipe, handmade furniture, and other satisfying work with wood! You’ll definitely be satisfied at the end of the video!


0:01 – Carving A Cherry Bowl;
1:01 – Satisfying Wood Turning;
2:47 – Building A Cedar Strip Canoe;
4:36 – Epoxy Resin Coffee Tables;
6:36 – Making Floating Coffee Table;
8:07 – Making A Wooden Pipe;
9:42 – Flexible Wooden Stool;
10:39 – Homemade Scissor Lift;
11:25 – ‘Kawai Tsugite’ | Japanese Joinery;
12:32 – Flexible Wood;
13:16 – A Submarine Inspired Wood Door.


AKA Slovenian Woodworker

Anatolii TTJ


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17 Replies to “BEST Of Stunning WOOD WORKS | Woodworking Projects Compilation”

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  3. olá bom dia a todos
    Gosto muito de seus videos e tambem de seus trabalhos são magnificos,daria para você m mandar umas fotos das mesas que você vaz via PDF ficaria muito grato.

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  5. How come for the type in the thumbnail it just showed them varnishing it? I would have rather only seen one and have the whole process shown than to show a bunch but it's the most boring part.

  6. That canoe was a piece of work, WOW! I would love to have one. A kayak would be another style to try and make

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