Top 10 Best Hand tools for Woodworking and Carpenter 2019

Top 10 Best Hand tools for Woodworking and Carpenter 2019 , watch here 10 essential hand tools for every woodworkers and carpenters must have for different woodworking projects, wooden furniture make,handcrafts & carpentry workshop.

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Handtools shown in this video –
Woodworkers Edge Rule

Miter Plane / Hand Planer

Bench Clamp Base

Hand Clamps

Magnetic Square

Router Bit

Triple Edge Wood Chisels

Micro Tool Set

Workshop Safety Tool


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20 Replies to “Top 10 Best Hand tools for Woodworking and Carpenter 2019”

  1. The woodpecker stuff is nice but their finish oxidizes after a few years, save your money and buy Starrett.

  2. Do you really want a moron who cannot fit the beam of a combination square into the body working on your house? ha ha ha .

  3. I have a "Wanker", WRXCGTVVTI2.6 hand clamp and it is much better than the  Bessy clamps XCRG2 or XCRG4 and, why is this?   Simple, my clamp has more letters and numbers in its name.

  4. You forgot some tools like Collins Clamps. It is hard to find a woodworker on Instagram who doesn’t use them.

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