How to make a Guitar Case // Woodworking

Check out how I made a custom guitar case (it’s super easy)!
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As I was packing up my house, office and shop to move, I realized that my Fender Stratocaster guitar didn’t have a hard case. Replacement cases are pretty cheap, but since I’m me, I decided to make my own.
A lot of lightweight cases are made from cardboard, so this one (made out of plywood) is a bit stronger, although it’s still not meant to be a flight case. I tacked together the plywood and wrapped the entire thing in orange Tolex. The inside is made from upholstery foam covered in velvet to keep the guitar secure on the inside without worrying of scratching it. To protect the outside, I added all black hardware (corner protectors, latches, handle, hinges).
The project is very easy (although a little messy due to the amount of spray adhesive) and anyone can pull it off with minimal tools.




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20 Replies to “How to make a Guitar Case // Woodworking”

  1. Great project thanks. I’ve been a guitar Luthier for 42 years but I’ve never built a case. I always had them made for me custom, but now after this video I’m going to make my own. I’ve been paying almost a grand for my cases. They are solid maple with brass hardware covered in high end leather and suede interior. I pass the price onto my customer but I can save them a lot of money by building it myself. Most are very similar to what you just built. Thanks for the ideas and the honesty with your project.

  2. This seems pretty heavy duty… how is it not a road case? What would you change to make it tour-worthy?

  3. I like this project.

    Is this good for shipping a guitar along with packing the shipping box with padding?

  4. By the time you pay for all the materials and get the tools you need you can buy three good cases already made. May be fun but probably not very cost effective.

  5. oh hey just noticed this but if you decide to make something like this for yourself try to find the center of gravity with your guitar in the case to so you can but the handle in a better place. that way when you are carrying this around the case should be parallel to the ground rather than the front end riding quite a bit up.

  6. I just found an acoustic hardshell in a dumpster lol. I'm trying to figure out how to keep my Les Paul from moving around on the inside. Looking to customize in a way where people don't gasp at dirty t-shirts filling in the spaces when I open the case lol. Free is for me! 🤔

  7. Thanks for all the great content on your awesome channel. I always learn something, and am inspired to go and build cool stuff!

  8. 3/4 inch plywood? My god how much does that thing weigh? Heat the Tolex with a heat gun and it will conform to the edges.

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