Building inventory for a woodworking booth – lots of CNC projects

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I have a woodworking booth this weekend so I’ve spent the last
couple of weeks building a bunch of CNC projects to sell.

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20 Replies to “Building inventory for a woodworking booth – lots of CNC projects”

  1. very impressive. i have worked with cnc for 4 years. so far most of projects are just cutting by customer's order. your video is just what i'm looking for. i will subscribe you. thanks a lot.

  2. Great work! Im new to cnc, just purchased the 750mm xcarve unit recently. Thanks for the time you put into this video. It is great for ideas and methods on signs!
    Also, 8:03 – "FOR THE HORDE!"

  3. I'm building a cnc now. Do you think you could put a thin board over your work to save cleanup time? Just cut through it

  4. Hey sir, I am about to buy my first cnc and was going to go with the x carve 1000mm unit with damn near all the new stuff including all the vcarve software. How long did it take you to get comfortable with the software and would you recommend the x carve? In hindsight is there anything you have learned that you would do different? I know I'm asking a lot of questions. If you have the time please shoot me an email at thanks so much for the help.

  5. you look so familiar i was into mini trucking for a long time. where you an editor or photographer? I think i have seen you are heatwave in texas or something.

  6. Very nice, but I have a couple of suggestions.  Before carving your project, put some contact paper on it. You carve right through the contact paper and then paint it.  After the paint dries – peel off the contact paper and you won't have to do all that sanding to remove the paint. I use shelf liner and it works great! Also I noticed that you have your left hand very close to the edge of the wood when you are nailing on the edge.  If a nail happens to turn and come up through the top of the wood, it would go right into your hand.  Keep your hand back far enough so that won't happen.

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