New Shop Tour – Hand Tool Shop Organization and Setup for Woodworking

I Have been in a shop space that is 8’X10′ for almost 2 years and now I am growing. This is kind of a shop tour and kind or a shop organization setup session. I am looking for the best ways to set up the shop to make a hand tool shot as efficient as possible.

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20 Replies to “New Shop Tour – Hand Tool Shop Organization and Setup for Woodworking”

  1. I was just browsing. Oh and I finally put my ugly self on camera. My 1st Video with poor lightning and everything!!!

  2. 2 inches of styrofoam insulation on the walls and 1/2 inch drywall will make your shop warm and quiet. I did that to my basement shop and it was worth every penny

  3. I have found that wood storage works best with wood stood up on end with the longest PCs nearest the wall and in descending order of length

  4. Great shop. My only suggestions are to have all cabinets on wheels for mobility and if you like to have your tools hung up, copious amounts of peg board. In addition, have items I.e. screw drivers, pliers and basic hand tools within reach of your bench centered around your woodworking vise. The vise and proximal area is the center of the action and in my view necessitate having common usage items close by for efficiency.

  5. I forgot to mention, that this is the first video I have seen of yours. You have some good ideas. Acoustical ceilings can provide some sound dampening to the rest of the house. I agree that LED lighting will save you money, but hold on to what you have until you absolutely can fit it in your budget. Also, pegboard style storage as a temporary fix, provides even more soundproofing as it diffuses the sound.

    A couple of ideas I remember from the magazines are a wooden router table with hookup to a sawdust collection tube and a cabinet strictly for all of the fine wood crafting tools. When you get to the point of a separate wood shop, let me know.

  6. I am really good at designing and organizing. If you have not yet redesigned your shop, send me a rough layout of the space dimensions (including height obstructions) and I can send you some ideas. I don't throw away old wood worker magazines that have great ideas. Some of the things you mentioned are mentioned in some of them.

  7. I'm getting ready to move into a new shop space myself, and love seeing how others organize their shops. I'm more of a hybrid woodworker, power tools and hand tools, so I have the big machines to think about. But I think you've done a great job maximizing the narrow space you have, and having that back wall as your backdrop is a great idea. And I love your jars!

  8. hey!
    first i want to say i love your channel!! i learn a lot and you really made me start working with hand tools more than power tools.
    you asked for some ideas for the shop. my best idea so far for my shop was a shelf right above the bench. all my chisels bits pencils and all the small items i need are on that shelf and this way i dont even need to turn back to the wall for some of my tools.

  9. hey, I'm a little late getting into the conversation, but here are my thoughts on shop set up… I have an 8' x 12' shed that I'm working on turning into a shop. I had a bunch of lumber piled up in it so I built a rack for it along one long side. I haven't started building a bench yet but it will be 20" or so deep and 8' long and across from the lumber rack. I also want a second bench perpendicular on the back short wall to set up my lathe. this leaves me with enough room to turn around and that's it so I'm thinking that the rack is going to have to go as the wood gets used up because there is no room for anything else in there. I have a floor drill press that floats around and a folding contractor's saw that is intended to sit in the remaining 4' beside the future bench – so I can wheel it out and set it up when I need it. for tool storage, the best idea I can come up with is to have a cabinet with drawers under the bench for small tools like chisels, layout tools, etc. I may have enough room for clamps beside the wood rack. so I guess the whole point of this long comment is that wood storage will eat the most space and doing that efficiently is #1. after that as long as there is a place for everything and everything in its place, it doesn't really matter how you do it as long as it works for you.

  10. I am always moving my shop around. I try to improve it for the main goal of less steps between work stations.

  11. Hey James, not sure if this was mentioned elsewhere, but have you considered a dedicated tool restoration table? Since you have a little extra space you could probably fit one along with your workbench and glue-up table. You could probably even use the top of one of your cabinets (tool restores don't require that much space in my experience). Then a fresh plane on your bench surface and you wouldn't have to worry about getting dirt/rust on your work pieces. Just a thought. Keep up the good work!

  12. Hi James,

    Looking forward to seeing the new space come to life.    Add another vote for paint and LED lighting.   Don't worry too much about what you're missing.  You know how it goes – you have to work in a space for a while to see what works and what doesn't.  Then you make changes (again LOL).   It happens to all of us.   Thanks for putting out some great content!

  13. Hi James,
    what a blessing getting the extra space, I too have built a new workshop and retro fitted led lighting, but it is becoming a concern that they emit blue light as do modern tv/tablets & phones etc! And this is damaging to our eyes in the longer term! Without daylight in your shop you will rely totally on the led lamps, I am trying to find an alternative or some way of filtering the blue light in my shop and the screens I look at regularly! I hope all goes well with your project!
    Andy London uk.

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