Print onto Wood or Easy Ways to Transfer Words onto Wood

In this short tutorial I show you how to quickly transfer words onto a piece of wood by simply using a printout from an inkjet printer. I will show three little bit different methods how to do the transfer without using any Modpodge or glue!!

I have used an inkjet printer – please don’t use a laser printer for printing on plastic!!!!

With this methods you can make simple wooden signage for your home and garden!

And thanks for watching!!

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In German: Auf Holz drucken – Buchstaben auf Holz übertragen
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20 Replies to “Print onto Wood or Easy Ways to Transfer Words onto Wood”

  1. DO NOT USE THIS METHODS ON A LASER PRINTER, do not use any type of plastic. The printer will heat up the plastic and it will melt inside your printer.

  2. If you've only got a laserjet printer, avoid using masking tape. You'll need something stronger to ensure it doesn't come off inside the printer, it'll wrap around the rollers inside the printer, causing you no end of trouble! I use gorilla tape, works wonders. Also, use the tip of a hot iron on a none steam setting, with a light clear or matte varnish afterwards 🙂

  3. Ok I don't have a printer so is there another way transfer image on to wax paper for wood? WITHOUT USING A PRINTER DON'T HAVE ONE.. If anyone knows please let me know…

  4. I would say no, because if the stain is water based your ink might bleed, but I still would recommend to seal ( a coat a clear acrylic spray)the wood.

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