Reno Update! BEFORE & AFTER PICS!!!!

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I finally finished my addition!!! Now I only have 999 things on my to do list! Ahhhhh! the life of a carpenter….you got to celebrate the small victories in life 🙂

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20 Replies to “Reno Update! BEFORE & AFTER PICS!!!!”

  1. I truly admire your ethic . Your boys and wife must be so so proud . Thankyou you inspire Ne and I thought I was finished up old fart at 56.

  2. ParabĂ©ns incrĂ­vel seu trabalho, gosto muito de ver seus vĂ­deos e aprendo muito com vocĂȘ. Deus continue te abençoando vocĂȘ e sua famĂ­lia. Um grande abraço.
    Juliano Bonfim

  3. Hi Samurai, i got this vid recommanded. Could you confirm a small thing to me? Did you use Stepfloor (german brand similar to Quickstep)? And do you recall the name of the finish? Say what, you adjusted the profile???? Waooh, must have took you sooooooo long, even a row or twoo. Anyway, wish you good luck with your carpenter school. I love your content. Am with you bro ^^

  4. and after doing all that to your deck to tile it the dang thing will still mold up and rot let me know if you ever need advice about those type of issues on a restoration tech out of Sacramento

  5. Also – for your subscription site – don't forget about us LADIES – we want to learn how to make stuff too! Especially a DIY craft room desk. Love your videos. Hugs

  6. Now I get it. "Reno(vation)". Thought you had a lucrative side gig in Nevada for a few minutes. Shows how out of touch I am!

  7. I loved watching this build from the beginning. You’ve inspired me over the years to hone my skills from a schmo wood worker to a hardened Samurai such as yourself. Thanks for your videos and blessing us with your knowledge….and Mrs. Samurai in some nice booty shorts 😜

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