FTF #7 Laminating Wood The Easy Way, How To

Here is an easy trick to glue laminate wood evenly with minimal sanding.

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  1. Great, dude—but unfortunately the bare walls of your shop produce a bad echo that makes it hard to understand what you're saying. Next time, try getting hold of a few refrigerator boxes. Cut down one corner of each of them so you can open them full width; then line them up against the wall behind your camera. They should help quite a bit in keeping your sound from bouncing around like a pinball.

  2. Sold the biscuit joiner a couple years ago after it collected dust for the previous 10 years. It messed up more glue ups than it helped.

  3. Totally shit, reason you don't need a biscuit jointer or whatever similar is bcoz u r doing small boards, try 4 or 6 m boards twice wider than what u r doing here then u won't say this shit

  4. i like using dominos instead of biscuits. i find doing it this way the boards are usually way more than 1/32 off in the middle.

  5. I'd use dowels + gluing. Takes no time to measure up with a template* and sits pretty firmly. I'm going to use that technique on all my furniture for my apartment. It's all pretty much temporary till I know where to find good lumber at a reasonable price so I can do a proper job.

    (* If you need 6 lines on each plank to make a plate, use 12 and run them in a zig-zag pattern with 6 lines shifted to one side of the plank and 6 shifted to the other side of the plank. Use that on all planks except on the exterior faces of course, drill the holes and glue it all together using dowels).

  6. One of my supervisors LOVES biscuit joiners. (I'm convinced he would biscuit join the world if possible.) He tells me that the biscuit, once glued up, expands inside the slot and helps give strength to the joint, or in this case, to the laminated edge. Have you ever run into issues with any of the glued edges failing? Is there any evidence to support the "expansion/strength" theory in applications such as this?

  7. The boards align all by themselves if you put them through a thickness planer to have them completely straightened up, with no twist or warp. I do this since ever when I need a wider board.

  8. Hey mang, we are "liking" and sharing the shit out of your content. Awesooome stuff.
    We are starting a new homestead project , South of Powell River B.C. , in da forrest.
    Thanks for teaching us

  9. i used to do it that way….and then i bought a biscuit jointer. this is edge gluing btw. Dig the shop, for that I am jealous!

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