How to Make Money with a CNC // Laguna IQ CNC //Aspire Tutorial

How to Make Money with a CNC // Laguna IQ CNC //Aspire Tutorial

4:35 Straight to the action!

Today I will show you how to make money with your CNC Machine. I have a Laguna IQ CNC Machine and Aspire software made by Vectric.

I make Texas Longhorn clocks for customers and craft shows. I was recently asked to make one twice the size as normal. I will show you how to quickly change dimensions of your projects already figured in your cnc software. Aspire and Vcarve pro will be the exact same procedure. Doing special orders based off of projects you already have saved is a great way to make money with CNC.

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20 Replies to “How to Make Money with a CNC // Laguna IQ CNC //Aspire Tutorial”

  1. Hello everyone, just a little video to show how to adjust your projects quickly!! Thanks for watching and I will see ya next time!!

  2. Are there any trademark infringements that you have to be worried about using the longhorn logo? Nice video, thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow. You're using kindergarten CNC software with a 10k machine. You ought to look into Autodesk Fusion 360. Much easier to use.

  4. Jake, when this was enlarged, it looks like the larger outline was "blocky" instead of smooth curves? Can you enlarge easily without losing smoothness?


  5. Very impressive machine. I bet it cost more green than my car (no, really, my car is a garbage can on wheels). I guess you missed one (obvious) point, The CNC work is REPEATABLE, after you loose a little time on the pc, and drawing, and boring stuff, then you can make HUNDREDS of pieces on the same setup, thats what it makes so affordable, right? Wish you luck, God bless

  6. I'm very surprised that someone buys this. Even no chamfers . I'm already keeping silent about the design. Very bad, in my opinion.

  7. Well, I'm afraid my only suggestion for the longhorn cutout would be to use it in a bonfire! WHOOP! Gig 'em and Semper Fi

  8. I notice you don't leave any "tabs" to hold your work in place when the cnc cuts all the way through the work piece. Do you not have any problems with the piece shifting before the cut is finished?

  9. From one CNC maker to another, cool video. Thanks for sharing the Aspire tutorial. I am very interested in Vectric's software. I wanted to ask you about the cost of the software. Is the cost of the software a one time fee, or do you have to continue to pay each year? I see the website has fees on the version upgrades is reason why i ask.

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