My secret for buying woodworking tools DIRT CHEAP.

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My trick for buying good tools at super-low prices is really simple: go to antique car and antique tractor flea markets. These places are mostly filled with car parts, but when a vendor does have woodworking tools, he’s usually looking to unload them as fast as possible. Often, car guys don’t even know what they have, so woodworkers can score loads of useful or collectible tools for pocket-change. These flea markets are also a great source of consumables like glue, thinners, brushes, and sand-paper. You can stock up on the most expensive stuff for cheap.

20 Replies to “My secret for buying woodworking tools DIRT CHEAP.”

  1. You definitely made out like a bandit. I get very good deals at antique malls where there are many vendors who are very motivated to sell antique tools because they don't move as fast as dolls and china (lol). Case in point. I purchased five of those ebony/rosewood scribes from the 1880s in different sizes and extremely elaborate and heavy brass work. I got them all for $30.

  2. I'm new to Rex's channel.
    He really seems like he knows his stuff !
    BUT………. To me he sure seemed to be awfly hard and carless on those vintage tools, particularly the calipers. But then again, I guess when you've already got several different pairs of many kinds and sizes of callipers you could actually care less about proper handling. Even if this video was only "for show" it was still very good.
    He just didn't seem to portray to me the proper care of possibly restorable vintage tools !

  3. As my mentor and dear friend would say after a day bargun huntin'
    The Difference Between Bragging and Bargins is weather you are buying it or selling it.
    And as Robert always says in Proverbs, It is Nagyth Saith The Buyer Then He Goeth His WY Boasteth Of His Gain.

  4. Wow very nice router plane! :0 now I see the other one… I've been looking all over for one of them lol. Good find. And as always, great video

  5. I’m in Cincinnati and I guess I’ve been going to the wrong sales. Jerks always want the same or more than what I can buy at retail.

  6. Rex, you should try living in Poland. First everyone is street smart so getting a bargain is nigh in impossible. Secondly if someone doesnt know what a tool is they assume it might be a rare valuable tool and ask loads of money for it. The amount of sheer rusty rubbish being sold as 'collectable' is astonishing.

  7. A few years ago a neighbour gave me a bunch of old planes just like your free ones – mostly rubbish, except that one was a German Ulmia bench plane – just like your Emmerich – in beautiful condition, costing around 85€ new. I had thought of making it into a scrub plane but it's as good as any metal #4 and the iron is probably better than modern Stanleys, so one of my #4s is now the scrubber. So right on with the fleamarkets. Go for it!

  8. I would love to see the video about the machinists cabinet restoration. Thank you very much for your teachings.

  9. Good hunting. I just love the old squares and often will just sit in my shop and handle them. Smaller the better.

  10. I worked a couple of construction jobs in PA and I LOVED going to the flea markets. Ours down south aren't as good. I guess I am going to have to add the Hershey gathering to my bucket list.

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