The Woodwork – "Mother Earth" (Official Music Video)

Directed by: Michael Martin
Editor & Director of Photography: Joe Giannone
Produced by: The Woodwork

“Mother Earth”
Mother Earth, Mother Earth’s callin’ me on
‘Cause I can’t stay, I can’t stay anymore
Lead the way, lead the way
To where I’m goin’
‘Cause I can’t stay I have to face
The things I’ve done.

The wind that blows
I hear it call, call me on
Whisperin’ all our faults
Takin’ place, takin’ place
On our home, given space
But now we’ve gone way too far.

River run, river run’s callin’ me on
For all the blood that was spilled for our own
It’s ripples heard loud near and far
For all the waste you must face
What you’ve done wrong.

Grin and bear, grin and bear
What I’ve done wrong
To all the ones, all the things I love
I don’t know, I don’t know what’s to come
Grin and face all the things we’ve done wrong.

Special thanks to the Barone, Martin and Ward families for our set locations!
Thank you to Beth Crosley, Harmony Barone and Anthony Ward for helping on set!
And a very special thank you to Ocasiocasa for the hand-made masking tape dolls as well as Katie Vance from Floromancy Designs for the headdress!

Music Recorded by: The Woodwork
Music Produced, Mixed and Mastered by: Darrell Nutt, DefMedia Recording Studio
Video Rating: / 5

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