Building an Office in My Woodworking Shop (walls, drywall, mudding, paint)

Having recently moved into a new warehouse I need to build a small air conditioned office/apartment. In this video I go over the design & build of my office which includes framing, dry walling, mudding, painting, doors, and trim. All on a really tight budget. Lots and lots of tips are dispersed throughout.
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11 Replies to “Building an Office in My Woodworking Shop (walls, drywall, mudding, paint)”

  1. Cool Video im about to build out an office in my new shop about how much did all this cost in materials? Great video thanks for sharing.

  2. Well that was just awesome. I'm planning on doing something similar in my metal-building man-cave. Just curious why you didn't go with ground-contact two-by-fours on your base plates? I guess it's probably not necessary, but I'm a bit paranoid and tend to over-build.

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