Carving a wood sign with a CNC!

Here’s some footage of a sign i made for my shop! ToolsToday provided me with some awesome Spektra CNC bits for this project that worked wonderfully! I used the 1/4″ compression bit (46170-K) as a clearing tool and then the 60° V-Groove bit (RC-1148) to finish off the carving. I then used the compression bit again to run a profile cut with tabs and finished it of by chamfering the outer edges with the v bit! The Sign turned out great and needed no post processing other then removing the tabs! stay tuned for some more cool CNC projects!

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you can check out the sign making bit set here

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20 Replies to “Carving a wood sign with a CNC!”

  1. When I program lettering on my autocad and run it through the routercim I get circles that dont show up on the drawing but the DO show up on the MCU or at the machine. What causes this?

  2. What material is that? What kind of finish is on top, paint, poly, lacquer, wood conditioner? What speed do you like to run your spindle? What feed to you run?

  3. Beautiful job! But, considering the type of graphic you have dealed with, wouldn't have been easier just cutting the contours of the logo, the contours of the base, and then glueing them together? You'd have saved much more time, energy and wood!

  4. Hello! What is the cutter do you take for the area clearance? And what is the best step over for make the perfect finish. For not to be sand for make good finish. Thanks and have great day.

  5. Hello, looks good. Did you use a bigger bit to hog out most of the pocket or did you use the v bit for the whole sign?

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