How Shaker Furniture is constructed- What makes a quality piece?



PART ONE OF TWO: We investigate a very old piece of Shaker furniture to determine if it was made by the Shakers themselves.

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  1. Joseph is my friend, he loves shaker furniture, thank you for the video, it makes him happy which in return makes me happy. Lets all be happy =)

  2. Interesting that vanity was avoided like vinegar tea yet a certain amount of sloth was permitted…. only PAPPY NUBS could have done such work!

  3. Wondering about your quote towards the beginning of the vid.
    “The Lord loves a working man, and a working man has no use for fluffery”
    Is that an actual quote from somewhere or is it yours? Just curious cause I love it!

  4. Great information. I've recently purchased a very old dresser in that style, all hand cut as you point out. Oak and maybe poplar. Have you ever heard of the person who crafted a piece sign it? There is a very old loopy signature of some sort on the back of a drawer.

  5. We can learn so much looking at (well made) antique furniture. Many times the olde days menial tasks like panels and dovetails were relegated to the apprentice, who was being yelled at to hurry up, ergo some pretty sloppy work sometimes. The master labored over the “money” — exterior carvings, turnings, etc.

    This is a nice history lesson looking fwd to more.

  6. Stumpy, can you direct me to any good resources to learn more about Shaker furniture? Practical information I can use to start creating replica pieces that is.

  7. Extremely well done and educational analysis. So much can be discerned with a careful inspection. It is a shame we often don't take the time.

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