How to build DVD shelves

In this video i show how to build DVD shelves that can also house video games, such as xbox or playstation, as well as bluray cases. This whole project was joined together by glue and pocket holes screws. I hope you guys enjoy! Don’t forget to drop a thumbs up, comment and suscribe to stay up to date with my builds! Remember if i can build it, so can you!
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  1. I like the whole thing idea. But, in order to rest this piece against the wall, I would of made a gap on the bottom rear of the shelf in order to go flush with the wall. Another thing, I will like to add a small section to rest the DVD labeled "Playing Now"….lol… also, I will keep on mind room to install LED lights. Overall, I like the whole DVD shelving idea. Thank you…Oh! by the way, at 5:11 didn't like the idea in how the back cover sheet lay on the shelf. I would of made a crease on the wood in order to rest the cover sheet inside the wood instead of the outside of the frame. I think it would of giving a better finish to the project. Regardless, even though it is not to be seen in frontal view. These are just my ideas and in no way, form or shape, I'm trying to bash the fine work of the gentlemans on this project.

  2. I need a DVD shelving unit for my "SHE SHED"! Measurements area is 35 inches high and 40 inches long and each shelf at least 9 inches high and 7 inches deep. What supplies would I need for that project? I go to Lowe's and they cut the boards for me. I do not have the saws. But I do have a drill. and clamps and wood glue.

  3. A liitle twist on my part; For the final part, I would of made an indent all of the way around the frame with a router so when I put that back part it would fit inside the indent. Fastened with screws and viola! Nice video. I need to put my DVD's away in something like this.

  4. There are haters of pocket screws???? Norm uses them and he's the second greatest carpenter ever. You know who I'm talking about…:D

  5. This plan is awesome!, Also, after reading through Wooody Hyezmar's website and seeing some samples I'm working with his book as well!

  6. Nice DVD Shelves, I personally wouldn't have used pegboard at the back. Thin piece of plywood would have been better, that's what I use when doing mine. Well done anyway on the build.  Barry (from England)

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