Tablesaw from Festool TS55 1

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20 Replies to “Tablesaw from Festool TS55 1”

  1. NIce build man! I just found your channel and this is iinteresting. I'm going to watch te rest of the build now. Well done

  2. Hey Mirock, that seems to become a very interesting new project – I was wondering several months ago what you will do with the new gear lift for the TS 55. I am actually planning a similar project since I need a quite accurate table saw but am very limited in space at my workshop. I wanted to ask if you have considered once to use a Festool HK 55 or even HK 85 instead of the TS models for your new table saw project? Best wishes, good luck and keep us up to date!

  3. Great to hear from you after such a long time. As always, you are extremely imaginative. That's great. Impatient to see the second part.

  4. Dear Mirock,
    Now that’s what I am talking about but in much larger scale. Something that your neighbours will be gossiping for months. Very well done & look forward to seeing your next stage. Kind regards.

  5. Love the way this is shaping up 👍👍 Also, the penny has just dropped that the CNC I’m building will cut metal… 🤔😬

  6. Was CNC that you showed made by yourself or you bougt it. If you made it, can you show the construction

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