Ultimate Workbench / Table Saw Outfeed Table | Woodworking Project

Looking to increase your workflow and productivity in the shop? Creating efficient storage and having a large workspace is key to being fast and creating beautiful projects in the workshop. The outfeed table for the table saw is a blank slate of opportunity in the shop. Its something we all dream of, and wish was optimized for our work flow. With tons of features, this Ultimate Workbench/ Outfeed table answers all of those questions for any shop!

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20 Replies to “Ultimate Workbench / Table Saw Outfeed Table | Woodworking Project”

  1. The only downfall, your outfeed table is always covered in stuff your working on and hard to use as an outfeed table without moving a bunch of stuff.

  2. Good video guy's but just one thing. The shop looks busy enough so isn't it about time you invested in a quality Italian sliding table dimension saw. Just a thought. You look like you've got the room for one.👍👍

  3. John, What an incredible worktable/condo you've got there! Really though, it is almost to nice to be in the shop. It's definitely furniture grade and I love the pull-out shelves too. I would end up just placing stuff in any space that didn't pull out only to be lost forever. Another great video and thanks for sharing the newest addition to the shop.

  4. John, Great build! I'm needing something like this in my shop to help me keep organized and provide me with a larger work top. Keep the videos coming and it is totally okay to play Army every once in a while.

  5. Nice video. And a very very cool workbench.. A must have :):).. Btw – I really like the music, especially the first song. What/Who is that?

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