20 Replies to “Dan Smith's Dream Shop and Tool Chest”

  1. Damn, just want some short motivation videos to go fully charged in my german basement concrete wall tiny mini harbor craft tool shop. Now i cry and will go under my bed instead . Joke, this is really one hell of a nice shop and on top is this great tool cabinet. could be a piece to get your master in carpentery in germany. i would love to use this great hand tools, especially the western style planes, handsaws and man these so nice looking squares. where can i get those ones, custom made?

    thank you uploading this inspirering piece of video and craftmans art.

  2. I never tire of watching this video. The shop is as exquisite as the boats you built with your sons and the ingenious cabinet you built with them.

  3. I have to say it looks a lot like a model home. Great to look at but you can always tell no one lives there.

  4. Mr.Smith this is a fellow Mo. resident, and woodworker since a very early age. I can see the love ,care ,though and work you put in your craft. It is a beautiful thing to see, very talented craftsmanship ,thank you.

  5. The tools are beautiful, have any of them ever been used are they just for showing the tool chest, The shop is also immaculate not a speck of dust.

  6. That shop is cleaner and neater than my HOUSE – by FAR! Gorgeous! The tool storage unit itself is an example of "fine woodworking" – built so well and very beautiful… Makes me envious of the skills Mr. Smith possesses!

  7. A beautiful handcrafted useful and awesome cabinet ! Would you consider publishing the source of the hardware and share a tutorial on how to make the cabinet ?

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