Making a Box With Only a Chisel | Hand Tool Woodworking Challenge

Making a Box With Only a Chisel | Hand Tool Woodworking Challenge

I was challenged to make a box so I decided to make it with just a chisel out of a block of firewood. this build is about as minimal on tools as you can get. there is not much more basic than a chisel.

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20 Replies to “Making a Box With Only a Chisel | Hand Tool Woodworking Challenge”

  1. Nice. White oak is a good wood. Have you ever fumed white oak. I'm carving a set of bookends from white oak and plan to fume them.

  2. Really glad you made the design by hand. There is something much more special about a lack of perfection.

  3. Great job. Looks like a lot of fun and a good challenge to try at home. I see no other way to do this without some sort of holding method to keep the piece still. So is the spirit of safety, better to have used your bench/vise than tried to jury-rig an unreliable method to hold the piece. How long overall did it take?

  4. Using a mallet! pfff! in my time you wanted to hammer down a chisel you headbutted it with your forehead

    Nice box!

  5. how much would it cost me for you to make something similar but bigger and with a different design. and have it shipped to the netherlands?

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